About me
My specialization are internet advertising campaigns.

I have been preparing ad creatives used in campaigns for over 10 years, being inspired by esthetic sense of talented artists and technical solutions of brilliant programmers with whom I was and still am fortunate to work with. With all those years I have learned many better ways to achieve my goals and good practises for campaigns to go smoothly.

During my career I have created hundreds of creatives which were part of great amount of campaigns, both small and huge for big variety of international brands. (...)
I have started my journey with advertising being a guy you went to if you needed a banner. With evolution of technology and clients' awareness I begun to like it more and more. Ads were becoming prettier, technology started to offer more and better options, and I was becoming more efficient in what I do.

In 2009 I have decided to start work as a freelancer with own enterprise. I have had great time with more freedom, creating new, interesting animated effects and with time created a base of happy clients.

It gives me great satisfaction when I'm being recommended by people I work with, so I'm investing a lot of effort in my projects.
Main Tools
Adobe Photoshop
Only people who dont realise it's potential can say they know it all.
Adobe Animate
We have been trough a lot together. Including change of it's name and leaving our Flash past behind.
Adobe After Effects
I am not an expert yet, but steadily gaining experience with this powerful tool.
Google Web Designer
Rarely using it nowaday, but its worth keeping in my toolset for special occasions.
Blender (3D)
Getting better and better in three dimensions.
Substance Painter
Its like Photoshop for 3D models but on steroids.
Substance Designer
I'm a new fan of proceduraly generated materials. Love to experiment with it.
To edit them codes! Simple, yet effective tool.
Notable Skills
One Man Army
As long as I'm provided with key visual, materials, brief and specification, I usually cover entire, or at least most of the media plan by myself.
Motion Design and Visual Effects
Whenever time and technology allows it, I love to experiment with interesting and nice looking visual effects.
While looking at something that moves in real life, I imagine bezier easing curves attached to it.
Ok... I lied about that last one - but i do love bezier easing curves!
Work Organisation
With my long experience I can avoid many mistakes.
Troubleshooting & Problem Solving
Finding sources of problems and fixing them, are challenges I'm not affraid to face.
English Language
I am using English in contacts with people for many years now. Both: written and spoken. Pretty rich vocabulary and not the worse stylistic.
Got a hang of the basics that were required to do my job with standard creatives. Learning every day even tho I cant say programming is my dream job.
Quick Learner
Evolution of technology forces adaptation, and I boldly go where no Mariusz Kohut has gone before.

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